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Feb 24

Lunar New Year Celebration after escaping the historical blizzard in New York City

The demand for live Kangen Water® demo and presentation from our overseas contacts on the amazing power of Kangen Water® have been overwhelming, especially outside Singapore. The last 6 months have seen me travelling more than any airline pilots, stewards and stewardesses, so much so that the priority was not on updating this blog, even though […]

Oct 05

Killing Cancer Not People

Killing Cancer Not People

The Founder and CEO of the American Anti-Cancer Institute, Robert G. Wright, has endorsed and recommended Kangen Water® in his recent book, “Killing Cancer — Not People”.     Kangen Water Being Used in Japan:  

May 20

WQA Gold Seal Award – My visit to the Enagic® factory in Osaka, Japan

My recent trip to the Osaka factory of Kangen water® ionizers opened my eyes to a true blood Japanese company with 38 years of proven and safe water technology. Even their high quality essential accessories are manufactured In their own clean and neat factory in Osaka. More than 300 top independant distributors from around the […]

Jan 15

Why Kangen Water™ – Introduction: The road leading to Kangen Water™

The past couple of months have been both interesting and exciting. Interesting for the fact that several months ago, before I got to know the Enagic Company’s Kangen SD501, I saw an impressive full page advertisement on the benefits of alkaline water and decided to cut and keep the page.  I was about to find out more but fortunately, my […]

Sep 22

Kangen Water – Amazing Health Benefits From Hexagonal Water

The  water you drink effects your body more than you think. Your health depends upon what enters your body and as your body is 70% water and your brain has a 80% water content, it is pretty crucial that you are sure that the water entering your body is the best you can get. Detoxification […]

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