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WQA Gold Seal Award – My visit to the Enagic® factory in Osaka, Japan

May 20, 2012 by Raymond Sun in My Blog with 0 Comments

My recent trip to the Osaka factory of Kangen water® ionizers opened my eyes to a true blood Japanese company with 38 years of proven and safe water technology. Even their high quality essential accessories are manufactured In their own clean and neat factory in Osaka.

More than 300 top independant distributors from around the world converged in Osaka and witnessed firsthand the actual production and assembly of the high grade filters and enhancers, etc with their own eyes. It further reinforced my conviction and belief in high quality Japanese technology and safe manufacturing.

For the long-term health and safety of my own loved ones, and for my own peace of mind, I will not settle for any other brands even if it is presented to me free-of-charge. Most of these brands came into the market recently by under-cutting in terms of price but without the length of time of proven long-term safety for the innocent public.

So if you truly love your family, think carefully and wisely. Do your own due diligence and research. Don’t just go for price and plates alone. People buy branded goods, including watches, handbags and cars, etc and they are prepared to spend thousands of dollars for the feel-good, look-good mentality. Health and safety are even more important when it comes to providing quality and safest water for your family’s daily needs.

Recently one of my friends showed me an email reply from a renowned brain expert from the United States. He was asking the brain expert why in spite of the higher price of Kangen water® ionizers, there are still people who will pay for Kangen water® ionizers.

In the reply, the brain expert explained that she has researched alkaline water for over 25 years and never found one that tested well. Most of them will leak toxic metals into the water because of the mesh plates or the non- use of medical grade metal solid plates. The results that the brain expert saw from other alkaline machines never did much. But the changes in people’s lives using the Kangen water® is phenomenal. The changes in her brain camp using this water increased their results by 33 %.

Recently I read in the papers a very slick and cunning advertisement that claimed their machine has more than the plates of our top range, the Enagic® Leveluk SD501 Kangen water® ionizers. I am very sure many naïve members of the public will fall for this gimmick if they are just comparing the number of plates used and the price alone. However, what most naïve customers didn’t realize is that the total surface area of their meshed plates may not have been larger than the design of Enagic®’s thicker and safer medical grade 7-plate proven technology.

During our own in-house training and the official training in the Kangen factory in Osaka, we learned that Enagic is the first for water ionizers to have acquired the standard of NSF/ANSI by WQA while other manufacturers have obtained the standard NSF/ANSI for water filters only.

In order for Enagic® to receive these certifications, they had to pass the following 5 objectives and tests:

  1. Pass contaminant removal testing according to their claims
  2. Chemical Extraction testing to prove that no dangerous chemicals are leaching into the drinking water from their machines
  3. Structural integrity pressure testing to show the quality and safety of the machine. They are required to re-test the machine every 5 years to ensure the quality of the machine and materials has not changed
  4. Marketing materials and the manuals are reviewed for consistency and claims
  5. To ensure the machine is of high quality, the production process must be reviewed. Every year, WQA (of the United States), will send an auditor to the factory in Japan to audit the manufacturing process.

WQA tests water treatment devices for safety and effectiveness according to the strict standards set by NSF/ANSI. By testing against these NSF/ANSI standards, we as consumers are assured that the Kangen water® ionizer is producing ionized and restructured Kangen water® that is absolutely safe for our family and loved ones.

Just to repeat, most families only need to buy one water ionizer for the family in their lifetime and it’s wise to buy one that is well-tested for the most number of years. While other models may last for just a few years, the Enagic® machines have been proven to last for between 15 and 25 years. Moreover, in terms of maintenance, it’s extremely user-friendly. Please vist our shop and we will prove to you how easy and economical it is to maintain the Kangen water® ionizer.

Our Kangen water® shop is located at:

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Saturday and Sunday from 1p.m. to 5p.m.

We are closed during public holidays.

Similarly, more and more people around the world are also into eco-friendly consciousness. So in terms of health and safety, it’s high time to look into a proven original Japanese top brand, with its highest standard of quality and safety for 38 years running.

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