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Is alkaline water good for you?

History of Alkaline Ionized Water Research on electrolysed reduced water (ERW) started in the early 1930’s and gained traction in the 1950’s when consumers noted positive health consequences. By the 1960’s, then-research attributed that alkalinity in the water was the case. By the 1970’s, the thesis of alkaline water caught on in much of Asia, […]

Aging, Inflammation and Hydrogen

The Cause of Aging Everyone understands that the older we are, the less energy we have, the more brittle our bones, and the more sick we get. It’s a matter of life, and a matter of time before we start filling our cupboards with 50 different kinds of supplements. But what causes aging and our […]

How hydrogen helps your cells

Introduction We have about 30 trillion cells in our body, from tissue cells to nerve cells. All in all they serve a couple hundred different functions. In this article, we will be summarizing the primary function of the production of a particular free radical from your cells, and the power of hydrogen that is able […]

Why Kangen® machines are the best investment for your health

Kangen Water Self Cleaning System

Prologue From the initial research on hydrogen therapeutic benefits in 2007, several hydrogen products have spun out ever since, and there have been increased marketing for said products. It’s not easy nor cheap to make a good hydrogen product. The engineering of a machine that produces high quality hydrogen requires not just great quality electrode […]

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